Investment Opportunities

This section offers a general description of the main areas in which opportunities exist for Investment in Kebena woreda.

The advantage building investment in Kebena woreda lies primarily in its abundant, low-cost, disciplined and trainable labor force, the size of its domestic market, and the numerous river basins affording great potential for irrigation and Agriculture.

Key opportunities for potential investors exist in the following areas:

ü  Agriculture;

ü  Agri-businesses and processing;

ü  Manufacturing; and

ü  Tourism.



Ethiopia is endowed with abundant agricultural resources. There are major agricultural investment opportunities in the cultivation of cash crops and horticultural products.


Cash Crops

Coffee, Teff, Wheat, Enset, Chat and Maiz are among the major commercial agricultural resources grown in Kebena Woreda and provide significant opportunities for investment.


Kebena’s climate and proximity to Addis Abeba and to Jimma and other markets provide opportunities for investment in cut flowers and high-value fruit and vegetable production.



Kebena people have a long tradition in breeding cattle population and livestock products. Private investors are encouraged to participate in commercial breeding as well as the production of meat, milk, eggs and animal feed, and the manufacture of leather products in kebena woreda.



In Kebena Woreda Agricultural development is the top priority and the woreda has witnessed sizeable growth in agricultural productivity over the last two to three years. With increasing commercialisation of the sector, there are growing demands for inputs of agricultural products by manufacturing industries and for the provision of all-round support services such as the maintenance of tractors, harvesters and other agricultural equipment such as grain silos, cold storage and transport. The Agricultural-Development-Led Industrialization (ADLI) strategy adopted by the government facilitates the incentive structure needed to promote foreign investment in agri-business and as Kebena woreda any interested investors can be apply for this sector.



The unique mix of natural, historical, cultural, and geographic  attractions marks out Kebena woreda as potentially a key tourist destination Gurage Zone. With the liberalisation of the economy, tourism is now growing steadily. Although the stock of hotel rooms in the town and the number of travel agencies and tour operators have also increased over the last few years, there is still a general lack of tourist infrastructure. Therefore, Kebena woreda Invite you to come and to invest in those mentioned potential investment sectors.

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