Kebena Development Association

Kebena Development Association/KDA has been established as an independent community based development organization since 1986 E.C following the establishment of Kebena People Democratic Front(ቀብዴድ). The main objective for the establishment of KDA was to promote the history, culture and language of kebena people so as to keep and transfer cultural values of the community for future generation.

Besides KDA strives to bring socio-economic transformation in kebena woreda by intervening in areas of government shorthanded and take part in attaining government sectorial development goals through community mobilization and, using cultural values to raise resources and implement problem solving projects.



Since its establishment KDA, tries to play significant roles in promoting the nation’s culture. But a remarkable achievement was not yet registered. This is because KDA has not yet developed a well-organized institutional structure/ capacity that enable to executive its duties and, there was no Strategic Plan Management document which shows KDA’s journey /future path. Given  these short comings, KDA’s effort to organize cultural symposium, opening of three branch office in different part of Ethiopia, (Dire Dawa, Addis Ababa, Jimma and Saudi Arabia /abroad, initiate  to publish Kebena- Amharic- English Dictionary, building office/and Culture center  from the  resources  only mobilized from the  community with no potential donors   worth credit  .

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Strong relation and support from kebena woreda administration and sectorial offices as a development partner, contribute a lot for KDA to see its future goal. In addition to administrative support, the community of kebena at large is ambitious to have a well- organized and strong development association that they are ready to contribute what they have for the success of the association.


Organizational Structure


Objectives of the Association

General Objective:

  • To contribute for the rapid socio-economic growth and development by coordinating the community’s resource and promoting their cultural, historical and lingual values.

 Specific Objectives:

  • To keep the society’s culture, history, language, norms and antiquities for a long to transfer for the next generation.
  • To involve in different developmental activities through fund raising from inside the country and abroad and supporting development sectors.
  • To mobilize the community’s resources so as to benefit from its outcome.
  • To encourage and support investors who engaged on different socio economic aspects.
  • To encourage the community participation in development and good governance to take part for overall country’s development.
  • To promote females participation to benefit them from the development.
  • To contribute for the fight against HIV/ AIDS and malaria in the surrounding.
  • To encourage youths participation in the development.
  • To take part in environmental protection


The basic reason why kebena development association exists as an independent organization is:-To mobilize and coordinate resources in order to bring socio cultural and economic development by enhancing workculture of the society, creating smooth relationship with development partners to eradicate poverty and backwardness in kebena woreda.


Vision of KDA describes what KDA hopes to happen in the future when the dreams come true are. Therefore KDA strives to see or realize socio-culturally flourished and economically improved kebena community.


  • Culture matters existence
  • Partnership is a great asset
  • The community is a great asset
  • Gender equality and participatory approach
  • Transparency, fairness and accountability
  • Impartiality of religion, tribe, politics and race
  • Labor intensive approach to increase productivity
  • Combat dependency syndrome and rent seeking

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Major Accomplishments of KDA so far:

Since its re-establishment in 2009, KDA has accomplished the following main activities to lay institutional foundation so as to meet its objective of promoting and sustaining Kebena society’s cultural values and traditional wisdoms in line with socio-economic involvements too.

  • Opened head office in Wolkite town, 2 branch offices in Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa and 1 branch office in Saudi Arabia with a limited materials and human resources at the head office only.
  • In each of the 23 kebeles of kebena woreda, the association has formed committees who are representatives of farmers, elders, religious leaders, agriculture, education and health sectors
  • KDA has also organized committees in different parts of the country and abroad where Kebena natives reside who are responsible for promoting the objectives of the association and fund raising.
  • As public relation is key to promote institutional existence and performance, the association has distributed four types of brochures, presented about culture, history and language of the society which the association stands for on wolkite FM Radio
  • Organized symposium on Kebena society culture, History and Language.
  • Trained 800 farmers on soil and water conservation in cooperation with the woreda’s agriculture and rural development office.
  • Took part in environmental protection of 154 hectare land in cooperation with the community
  • Trained 42 first cycle primary school teachers about Kebena language teaching methodology.
  • Organized summer tutorial program for 400 second cycle primary level and secondary level students.
  • Has collected 10,000 kebenian words in collaboration with language teachers of the woreda to prepare Kebenigna- Amharic- English dictionary in order to improve kebena language usage of students, teachers and the community as a whole.
  • Released the first ever music videoclip which displays the society’s cultural values.
  • Cultural dressing design of the society has been distinguished and appraised by the woreda’s known elders and intellectuals.
  •  The society’s traditional food, antique, and dressing has been presented for exhibition on the symposium. In addition to this, literature on kebena people background and traditional administration system has been presented.
  • Trained 50 traditional judges and religious leaders on harmful traditional practices.
  • The traditional bylaw of the society has been revised and 1000 copies were handed to “oget” leaders.   
  • Culture center construction initiative has been finalized to site plan and design approval.


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