KDA Services

Kebena Development  Association offer a lot of services to its community ,those services can be viewed in terms of different aspects


  • Building Kebena culture center
  • Organize yearly celebration day on Kebena’s culture.
  • Publishing books & quarterly magazines on “Bobani Geltita”,” Oget system” and the traditional values of the society
  • Availing cultural dressings (like scarves, coats etc…) at culture center
  • Collecting traditional antiquities to reserve in the culture center
  • Promoting the society’s cultural values using Mass Medias (like FM radio, school Mini Medias, brochures etc…)
  • Organizing and strengthening the woreda’s art team by fulfilling musical materials like key board, guitar, drum, kirar, sound system, video and photo camera and generator
  • Organizing training for the art team on kebena culture
  • Produce documentary movie reflecting kebena culture
  • Facilitate cultural music clip production
  • Facilitating and initiating cultural symposium


  • Conduct research and publish book on historic back ground of kebena society
  • Promoting history of kebena society using mass medias, brochures etc…
  • Memorizing historic heroes of kebena society during different events like symposiums, telethon etc…


  • Publish kebena- Amharic- English dictionary
  • Conduct research on kebena language
  • Collect folklores and traditional proverbs and include in magazines, brochures and annual bulletins of the association
  • Prepare kebena language text books for schools
  • Provide training for kebena woreda primary school teachers on kebena language
  • Establish kebena language enrichment day


To contribute to the improvement of agricultural production and productivity and take part in environmental protection.

  • Adopting new and high yielding crops
  • Implement watershed project in kola and keremsa kebele
  • Establish nursery in watershed project site
  • Plant trees in the areas where severely affected by soil erosion and climatic condition.
  • Organize training on modern bee keeping
  • Facilitate inputs for bee keeping training and practice
  • Establish a poultry farm
  • Purchase cultivator and combiner to be rented
  • Facilitating costs for experience sharing on scaling up of best agricultural practices Establish environmental protection clubs and form committee members in second cycle schools and high school
  • Organize training for school’s environmental protection club representative teachers and students.  



To take part in improving the quality of education though filling sectorial gaps.

  • Building new classrooms and repair the old classroom which need to be maintained  in schools with short of learning rooms
  • Provide combined desk, chairs and blackboard for schools with shortage
  • Provide different text books and reference materials for school
  • Facilitate adult education at kebele level using existing schools
  • Organize summer tutorial program from grade 7-10 level in all second cycle and one high school
  • Organize capacity building training for school principals on education quality/TOT
  • Produce and distribute message gowns promoting education quality and KDA
  • Provide motivational award for outstanding students in all schools of the woreda who rank from 1st -3rd
  • Provide motivational award for outstanding female students who rank 1st – 3rd in any grade level
  • Award teachers with best teaching performance at the end of academic year
  • Establish and strengthen schools’ charitable clubs so that the schools can generate income for helping children in need of educational services
  • Organize edutainment events on school drop-out, especially on female students drop-out
  • Organize training for teachers providing counseling service in schools on basic life skills and Psycho-social support/TOT


 HIV/AIDS prevention & control

  • HIV/AIDS prevention and control awareness raising & HCT campaign provide home based care service for PLHIVs
  • Organize training on home based care for volunteer care givers
  • Organize refresher training on nutrition & potable water
  • Facilitate food support for needy PLHIVs
  • Provide SBM training to poor PLHIVs
  • Provide startup capital for poor PLHIVs
  • Provide training on stigma & discrimination for influential community members & religious leaders
  • Provide training for schools' anti-AIDS clubs leaders, focal persons & female students representatives
  • Organize monthly CC programs at 10 schools
  • Organize wide events/ edutainment programs/ concerning hygiene, sanitation etc...

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