Kebena Culture Centre

The people of Kebena have a significant part in the history of Ethiopia both in terms of religious and cultural values. Kebena were pioneers in expanding Islamic Doctrine in the Sothern region of the country with strong leadership of Hassen Enjamo (King, Islamic Ruler of Kebena people) during the regime of Minillik II. Kebena peoples have their own interesting culture that needs immediate attention to keep it in its unique manner. This long history of the people can serve both as source of original research for those in related discipline and contribute to tourism development in nationwide context. In general; the cultural centre can serve as a footprint to keep the history and culture of the people for current and future generation. Thus; the construction of this project is to establish a cultural centre that encompasses economic, religious, cultural and historical values of Kebena people under one roof.


The Design Programme

The design programme for the cultural centre project comprises of cultural hall with more than 500 seat, a museum, conference room, offices, and praying house.  The requirements regarding space, function, sustainability and symbolic value are set out through a study taking into consideration local and international trends in cultural centre design.  A schedule of accommodation is also developed on the basis of a flexible organization structure, expected increase in staff strength and in response to urban design requirements. The design programme also sets out in broad terms symbolic requirements in keeping with cultural and religious values of Kebena people.



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